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Quick, easy testing. Non-intrusive, quick check tool instantly verifies active or inactive coil operation.

End User List Price: $27.55
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Item Number: 76500
Manufacturer: Hickok/Waekon
Manufacturer Part No: 76500

Non-Intrusive ignition coil tester, easy to use and saves time Instantly verify an active or inactive ignition coil by simply placing the sensing tip near the coil while engine is cranking or running at idle. During normal operation, an ignition coil creates an open magnetic field each and every time the coil is energized. By placing the sensing tip of the tool near or against the ignition coil, a blue LED will illuminate each time a magnetic field is detected.

Quickly test coil on plug, coil near plug and coil pack ignition systems without any disassembly. Save time by using the pocket sized tester to identify spark related problems on combustion engines.

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